Rabid Reviews: The Girl From Paris

Directed by: Christian Carion
Written by: Eric Assous
Running time: 103 mins
Rated: Not Rated

Main characters: Michel Serrault, Mahtilde Seigner, and Jean-Paul Roussillon

This is the story of a Parisian woman, Sandrine (Mahtilde Seigner), who gets fed up with her life as an internet instructor. She has always dreamed of moving to the country and running a farm on her own. Strong-willed and determined, she leaves her life behind and buys a goat farm in France. She purchases the farm from a mean tempered widower, Adrian (Michel Serrault), who wishes to stay on at the farm for another 18 months until he can move to the city. The movie depicts the trials and errors she faces learning to farm the land and the deep friendship that forms between Sandrine, Adrian, and Jean (Jean-Paul Roussillon); Adrian‘s only friend.

I have yet to see a French movie that I didn’t like! This movie was grandiose in it’s simple nature and subtle flow. It moved at a slow steady pace, but kept me interested the entire time. It is definitely not a mega blockbuster hit, but for it’s realism it hit the ball out of the park. The beautiful French countryside is the perfect backdrop with its almost poetic views, and adds a warmth to the movie. The director carefully captured each perfectly portrayed nuance of emotion from these actors, which added great depth. The strong bond the two main characters slowly form throughout the movie as they begin to realize how very much alike they are ,is very touching. The theme of the young and the old dealing with being alone in life and death was as poignant as it was heartfelt.

This movie was just beautifully done. I will have to warn you, it is a French movie therefore, it has English subtitles. And also, there were a few scenes of slaughtering animals that was very graphic. Other than that, if you like slower moving, indie type films with an underlying message, this movie is for you.

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