Tired of Ignorance

This probably won't make much sense seeing that it's now one in the morning and it's really just my frustration that I'm on about, so it probably won't be very coherent at all. My apologies before hand for the one or two of you that may read this.

I'm getting so tired of seeing ignorant post's on facebook, myspace, or any other social site that I might visit. I understand that people have opinions, everybody is entitled to one, I don't begrudge anybody that right. But, if you're going to make some statement belittling someone or something, please freaking take the time to research and make sure what you're saying is even remotely true...just a little.

For example, there is a person on one of these sites, I won't mention which one, who keeps posting Obama bashing posts. Fine, if you don't like him tear him down, but do it with truth. I don't want to keep reading stupid, ignorant posts accusing him of being the devil because he's done something they didn't like. First of all, every time they've made a post, it's been something they've heard somebody else's opinion on and then just regurgitated it without even checking to see if it's truth. It makes that person and every person like them just look foolish. Because every time this person makes a statement, there's at least thirty comments added to it about how wrong the statement was or articles proving the accusation wrong.

I'm not saying that Obama is perfect, or that I agree with everything he's doing, this isn't about my opinion on Obama. That was just an example. But, there's more...

This person and a few others that I know, boast of their Christianity and goodness as opposed to that of others that may disagree with them on certain issues. This is one thing that will send me into defense mode quicker than anything else. I am Christian and I'm proud to admit it, but the way that some Christians act is more damaging than anything else. Those that throw their bibles in people's faces and spew nonsense about how much better Christians they are than other people are the reason that Christians have a bad name.

People were born with freedom of choice. In my eyes, God was the one who gave us that choice. I will never throw my opinion in somebodies face, I may ask them why they believe what they believe simply because I'm curious, but not because I want to argue. To me, my faith, and my walk with God is between me and Him. I have no business telling anyone that they are damned to Hell or whatever else kind of codfodder "Christians" tell people because they don't believe the way they do. Wouldn't that be a judgment? Isn't judging a sin? Then...that would be pretty hypocritical, and hypocrites are just annoying.

I have a solid relationship with God, I know what I believe, and I won't be wavered. To me the best way to teach people is to lead by example. If they see God move in my life without me having to cram it down their throat and run them off, then that is wonderful. I can't force anybody to do anything, they have to see it or feel it in their own way, on their own time. It's a totally personal journey.

Most of the outspoken Christians in this world are the hypocritical, power seeking ones and it just makes the rest of us look terrible. I wasn't always Christian either...it pretty much took God slapping me in the face for me to acknowledge Him. Because at one point in my life...I didn't believe at all. My faith has been challenged many times since then, but grows in strength each time.

But, I respect everyone's religion, or opinion, or whatever, I don't think I'm more right than anybody else. And who's to say that my God, and your God are not the same God? Religion has been the one constant throughout history, throughout cultures, throughout mankind...how do we know it didn't all originate in the same place? The way each of us embrace religion or choose not to is a combination of how we see the world, the way we've been raised, the experiences we've had, and how we relate to our surroundings.

Anyway, this has gotten too deep for me to travel this late at night. I'd better stop now or I'll just continue to ramble... Goodnight!

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