The Beginning

Wow, this is really rather daunting. I thought this would be easy, just let all the stuff in my head pour out through my fingers and be done with it. Maybe somebody would comment, maybe not; I thought it would be anything but hard! It seems as though this is just like my writing these days...bland, unimaginative, and ultimately lacking. I have nothing but time to think up all these great ideas, but once my mind has conceived said ideas, I find it very hard to bring them to fruition.

Anyway, I guess this will just be an overview of what I want to do with, and where I want to go with this blog. I've never kept one before because I don't really feel comfortable with laying my soul bare for the world to see. Not that the whole world is going to be reading my blog! I dare say I'm not that interesting, but you get my point. I would like to voice my thoughts, my opinions, and exactly what I think of the world and the happenings in it, without fear of people looking at me as a person, differently. I am different, and I like to be different, but sometimes too different is very scary. I hide a lot of myself from the people I'm close to and I yearn to just be me completely and not be scared. So, in this blog, I can be totally me and totally incognito!

With that being said, let me get down to business. There will be totally random posts, an occasional rant here and there. But, I don't really get up in arms about much unless it deeply stirs something inside me. I'm pretty much one of the most cheerful, easygoing people one can meet in life. I will do the occasional movie review. I watch an unbelievable amount of movies, and I'm really hyped up about doing reviews. The only problem with this is that, its hard for me to write one and be satisfied with it. I've been told they're pretty good, but they're just very monotonous sounding to me. No spark, no me anywhere in the review. I'm currently working on re-writing some of them, but who knows. I might just post them the way they are. I also have this idea for a series of short stories forming in my head which I may post one or two and see if I get any response. I'm not too sure about that one though.

Like I said, I'm not really sure how to do this, I've never blogged before. If anybody reads this and you have some suggestions or helpful tips and pointers, they are extremely welcome!

Okay people, I guess I'm done.

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