The Waning Intelligence of Today's Generation

This is going to be short, but I just felt like I had to share with all two and a half of you that read my blog. I was asked probably one of the most idiotic questions in my life today, and that's saying something. I get asked ridiculous questions on a daily basis because I work very closely with the public. Now, I'm not saying that the world has taken a step back in evolution or anything, but most of the people I come in contact with are not the brightest in the bushel. In my opinion, today's generation is the worst, but that's a whole other blog altogether.

This stupid question of the day came from a co-worker. Now, I swear to you people, I'm no Einstein myself, but sometimes I feel like a rocket scientist around my fellow co-workers. I was sitting in the break room minding my own business, when *insert sound effects: dun, dun, dun* ignorance struck. Now, keep in mind I have an abscessed tooth right now, so I'm on antibiotics to take care of the infection before I get a root canal. Eek... *shivers* I'm going to try to write down the conversation as it went, so you can have the full impact of his asininity.

I took one of my penicillin pills while my food was cooking in the microwave. He asked me, "What kind of pill was that?"

Me: "It was penicillin for an infected tooth. Not that it was any of your business in the first place!"

Him: "Oh. Why? Do you have the swine flu?"

Everybody in the break room stopped what they were doing and just stared at him. The proverbial crickets could be heard in the background.

Co-worker #2: "Are you serious? In her teeth?"

Him: "Well, she's taking penicillin. That's a hardcore drug." He looks around into five faces of disbelief and continues with a very pathetic, "Well...isn't it? It's always in movies...."

We all just looked at each other for about 2.5 seconds and then burst into uncontrollable laughter for a minute or so. The whole time getting the most perplexed look from him while he was trying to understand why we were laughing about my "swine flu infected tooth" and his "hardcore movie drug, penicillin".

We eventually had to explain to him how to take care of your teeth and what happens to them as you get older. I felt like I was lecturing a child. No, a child would know better than that! Is he smarter than a fifth grader? I think not! He is twenty-one, hence the today's generation remark. And that's bad coming from me considering I'm only twenty-eight! lol I've only got seven years on him and there's like a thirty year intelligence gap between us....

Sometimes I have the strangest conversations at work. I swear, behind the scenes at my job could be a reality show. This one would be reminiscent of the Simple Life season one episode in which, Paris Hilton had to be informed that Walmart was not a wall supply store. *grins in fond remembrance* Oh wow, did I really just admit to watching that? *bows head in shame* I know...I watched that show...and I loved every minute of it....

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