Movies, Ratings...What?

Just a quick note as to how I shall be doing my movie reviews. No rating system.... I know, I know...that's really weird, huh? Well, I kinda feel like if I grade it, give it stars, or do the thumbs up thing that people don't really bother to read the actual review. A lot of times they just see what rating it's been given and decide from that. I want you guys to read my review and actually, just maybe, take something from it. Maybe, form some kind of thought as to specific reasons why you might or might not want to watch it. Plus...I can't think of anything cool to rate it with.... I don't know, I was thinking something with potatoes.... *shrugs*

Anyway, if anybody has any ideas for a nifty, neat-o, cool, original rating system i could use, let me know.

I'm going to post the movie reviews I've done, as is. I was going to try to rewrite them, but I realized I would have to watch these movies again. I've just got so many others to watch that I just don't have time to watch them again. I promise I'll put more effort into the new ones as I go along.

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